Transportable Homes

Transportable homes can often be some of the most environmentally friendly. Normally they don’t require large slabs of concrete to be laid or much on-location construction that damages the natural vegetation on a property. They are built in modules that are assembled on-location and these modules being pre-built and already fitted out with the plumbing and fixtures don’t leave a lot of waste material around after construction.

They are often called re-locatable homes as well and the ability to move them away from a property without demolition and leaving rubble behind to litter the ground is another large environmental advantage. As it’s also unnecessary to build an entirely new house at another location, the

In Australia, a significant proportion of the population is spread over a huge area and conditions in these rural communities can change. Primary production is big and fluctuating weather can determine the number of workers needed in an area. Mining communities grow up in an area and then move on once the resources have been recovered.

The ability to re-locate a home can be a very cost-effective advantage in many cases and has resulted in a good market demand for transportable housing. There are a number of businesses specialising in these homes that operate in many states.