What is an Eco-friendly Roof?

An eco-friendly roof is usually considered to be a light weight, low-maintenance roof which is covered on top with real, live plants. This vegetation layer incorporates the use of plants of your choice depending on the climate of the area, the structure of the roof and its maintenance. Basically the living plants are installed on top of the conventional roof. These roofs are sometimes also called planted roofs and they carry a host of environmental and economic benefits.

Eco-friendly roofs have actually been around for centuries and becoming increasingly popular again in recent years as a solution to reduce urban heat in summer and reduce heat loss and energy consumption during the winter months. As they implement the use of living plant material they are touted to reduce pollution and substantially improve the air quality as well. Green roofs minimise the footprint of the roof and also add to the aesthetics of being surrounded by a green setting.

Here are some main benefits …

  1. Green-roofs are an attractive alternative.
  2. They minimise unwanted heat by limiting conduction into the building. Implementing a green roof can considerably reduce the demand for air-conditioning by up to 75%.
  3. They improve storm water storage by retaining storm water in the substrate. Various research studies show that a green roof can retain 90% of the rain water. This type of roof considerably reduces the storm water run-off.
  4. They protect the roofing membranes from extreme climatic fluctuations which in turn extends the durability and longevity of the roof in some cases helping a roof to last twice as long as conventional roofs.
  5. They cool the surrounding air by lessening the heat radiating out and the heat island effect that occurs in urban areas.
  6. The can mitigate noise and glare.
  7. Most of all they can be more affordable than the conventional roofs.
  8. A green-roof substantially increases the wildlife habitat ( if you want to ! ) and vegetation of urban areas.
  9. Most of the materials used in a green roof re composed of recycled stuff. This ultimately creates a market and demand for recycled materials like compost, soil, mulch and various other eco-roof components.

Green living roofs are environmentally friendly, aesthetically appealing and a practical roofing solution. When well-looked after, they can add value to your property.  Go Green.